Hello there! I’m Alex, an Athenian 🇬🇷 living in Los Angeles.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years in technology startups, both as an early hire and as a founder. Most recently, I had a brief stint at Whatnot, where I architected and implemented the backend that runs real-time auctions at scale (thanks, Elixir 💜).

I first got into startups in 2011 when I joined Maginatics, where I worked on an distributed file system for the cloud, which was acquired by EMC in 2014.

In between, I co-founded a couple fintech startups in wealth management and college savings. I started my career out of grad school at Cisco Research, working on cloud computing and storage, connected vehicles, software-defined networks, and smart grid.

I moved to California in 2006 to attend the Master’s program in Computer Science at UC San Diego. During my time there, I co-authored a research paper on data center network architectures, which was recognized with the SIGCOMM Test of Time Award in 2018 and laid the foundation for Google’s next-generation networking infrastructure.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling being a new dad, cooking, mid- and long-distance running, driving in the Los Angeles canyons, and working on various software side projects. I’m also passionate about Krav Maga, which I’ve practiced since 2014 and currently preparing to test for the green belt.