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Alex Loukissas

I'm a Greek living in LA, where I'm the co-founder and CTO of AgentRisk, a wealth management fintech startup. Before this, I worked on MagFS, a distributed file system for the cloud at Maginatics, which was acquired by EMC. Earlier, I spent three years at Cisco Research, working on cloud computing and storage, connected vehicles, software-defined networks, and smart grid.

I moved to California in 2006 to attend the Master's program in Computer Science at UCSD. During my time there, I co-authored a seminal research paper on data center network architectures, which was recognized with the SIGCOMM Test of Time Award in 2018 and laid the foundation for Google's next-generation networking infrastructure.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and working on numerous side projects. I'm also passionate about Krav Maga, which I've practiced since 2014 and currently preparing to test for the green belt.